RWC:  The Letters RWC is the abbreviation for Resilient Wealth Creation.

RESILIENT WEALTH CREATION: The foundation of Resilient Wealth Creation is Long-term Thinking hence the consistency of the Text below the letters RWC.

W: Wealth is not a one-time attainment, but something that must be improved upon, and may be realized in different forms and may not take the ‘colour’ of its environment – it is part of the environment and yet different at the same time. The lighter shade of green is symbolic of those who think differently from those they live with. Resilient Wealth Creation is guaranteed to those who think differently.


Green is a lively colour and it symbolizes renewal, growth, energy and health.  It is chosen to symbolize wealth because wealth should be used unselfishly as a catalyst for growth, to promote life and renew hope. Green is also a sign of abundance.  An abundance-mentality is selfless and seeks to help others.

Segmentation of RWC:

This is symbolic of the altruistic responsibility of being wealthy. One of the tenets of Resilience Coaching International is that if you have more than what you need – it should be used to alleviate the burdens of others around you.  The use, distribution and passing on of wealth must be seen as an act of responsible Stewardship for multi-generations. 

The segmentation also confirms that Resilient Wealth Creation is made up of many different components.  There is no single and only way to create wealth.  While each part is important on its own, when balanced with other parts it contributes to the ultimate big-picture of Resilient Wealth Creation.

Progressive ascension of the tips of the W:

This symbolizes the power and responsibility of successive generations. The premise of Resilient Wealth Creation is that each successive generation must increase and grow wealth that they inherit from the previous generation who acquired it through hard work and discipline.  They must build upon and be more progressive than the previous generation.  Wealth is like a tree that must grow and bear more fruit with each successive.  Wealth accrues power and with great power comes great responsibility.


Resilience: Our present circumstance should never be assumed to be the sum total of our entire existence. This includes our relationship status, emotional states and spiritual awareness but also financial conditions.Poverty is not a destination, neither is it a ‘sentence’ and it is most defintely not a destiny. We believe that the one characteristic of the truly wealthy is Resilience.  “Resilience is sometimes misunderstood as the ability to be armoured against difficulty but it is, in fact, the ability to bounce back from the setbacks of life. It is the capacity to remain flexible in thoughts, behaviours and emotions when under stress – when faced by a life disruption, or extended periods of pressure, so that we emerge from difficulty stronger, wiser, and more able. That stress may come from a once-off event, such as career setback, retrenchment, loss of a relationship or other life-changing events.  The Resilient accept the things they cannot change and use them as a learning curve to become better instead of bitter.  Resilience has been identified as a key characteristic of the wealthy in generations past and will continue to be the defining characteristic of the generation with ‘wealth’ in the future” Pemberton, Neenan and Charles.


Wealth must be created intentionally.  It requires a plan, discipline, sacrifice and long-term thinking. Wealth Creation is not co-incidental … it is intentional as was the act of Creation by God, in the beginning.