In his own words:

I am a Certified Ethics Officer, Business Rescue Practitioner and Certified Resilient Wealth Creation Coach.  I practice what I teach and only teach that which is beneficial to others.  I am also a Social Entrepreneur and Multi-potentialite with a Calling to help more people make money than to make more money than people. And here’s why …

I grew up in extreme poverty.  Born in abject poverty and eclipsed from hope, lived in a children’s home, a place of safety and detention, a youth center and during the 12 years of school, I attended 13 different schools. I know what it is to pick thrown-away sandwiches from a rubbish bin and eat just to satisfy growling hunger pangs. I have experienced living on the streets, sleeping in railway stations and running away from the police. Society classed me as a juvenile delinquent.  I survived without the benefit of family resources or safety nets that children from privileged homes enjoyed. I admit that I was just a little above average in school but ranked very high for speaking without thinking which got me into a lot of trouble while growing up.  I was previously disadvantaged.

The gap between the rich and poor widens every day, globally, and it is not because the rich have more money but it is because they know something that the poor do not know.  If knowledge is power then it is that knowledge of the rich that makes them powerful.  A re-distribution of wealth is not the ultimate solution to creating wealth because if you don’t know how to keep and grow wealth, then it is inevitable that you will lose what you have, if it is given to you, like trying to hold water with a clenched fist.

I’ve been homeless, jobless, hopeless and clueless until I began to teach what I needed to learn.  And in applying what I was teaching, I began to exclude the unimportant while retaining the really important.  The real test of anything is in its application.  I used to be poor – but not anymore.  My eyes were opened and I realised that wealth and privilege is not reserved for a select group of people.  It is available to everyone but few are willing to pay the price for the prize.  Those who know don’t tell and those who don’t know – don’t ask and the cycle continues into generations.

I want to break the chains of the past, empower you with the knowledge of Resilient Wealth Creation and inspire you to embrace a long-term view with the discipline that will guarantee you financial independence and economic freedom for you, your children and children’s children.